First Assembly of God-Newbern

See What The Young People Say About Our Youth Ministry And Its Activities:

Lindsey Says:  "Our youth group is awesome because I've always got a place to go where I know that I'll be accepted, no matter who I am or what I've done.  We go to Youth Camps and Conventions and really learn how to grow in God.  We're also really involved in dramas and human videos, so there's something for everyone."

Kelsi says:  "Youth Camp, to me, was one of the best experiences of my life.  The first night there I got saved.  The feeling of worship is palpable.  The people there help inspire how you live.  I just wish that everyone could experience the amount of love and respect that you encounter being in such an accepting environment."

Wesley says:  "This youth group has made my life change drastically.  The people are awesome, funny and caring.  You will get a real transformation in this group."

ReBecca says:  "The youth group is fun all the time.  We love to have fun and games all the time.  The youth loves doing things together.  Camp, Convention and Fine Arts is an awesome experience to go to.  All the people love to go to Convention because of the rush of it all."

Kelly says:  "Our youth group is small, but it is loving and everyone is kind.  Not just in our youth group, but also in our church.  You really get a lot out of it.  We have grown in God tremendously and I love it here!"



Young Adult Resources

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  • Six Principles for a Strong Marriage
    John Wesley was one of the world’s greatest revivalists, with a ministry that literally changed the course of history. But in his dismal marriage he failed to apply biblical principles that will strengthen any Christian union.
  • Eight Healthy Habits of Marriage

    Little things like laughter often make the biggest difference in marriage.

  • Thoughts on Maturity

    What is maturity?  We all have our own ideas...