First Assembly of God-Newbern

What Do We Believe?


Our church fellowship is both conservative and evangelical.  We are conservative in that the historical

truths of God's Word are fully and openly embraced.  The Bible is understood to be God's revelation

to mankind and is accepted as fully inspired by him.  God's full weight of power and authority stand behind

his Word.  As such, the Bible is looked to as completely sufficient to guide us in what we should believe for

teaching and in how we are to live our lives in a manner that pleases the Lord.  We are evangelical in the

sense that we are convinced of God's desire to give salvation to anyone who will embrace Jesus Christ as

their Lord and Savior.  Also, we seek to be involved with the Lord's work in helping others to know him. 

First Assembly of God is Pentecostal as well.  That is, we believe that the same gifts from the Holy Spirit,

which began being poured out in Acts chapter two, are still available to Christians in the 21st Century.  We

believe, teach and seek to practice the truth that it is God's will for all his people to be completely filled

with his Holy Spirit.  This adds an important dynamic to the lives of individual Christians, enabling the local

body of believers to worship and minister to others in ways that would not be possible otherwise.


For a more comphrensive explanation of our beliefs just click on the AG Beliefs link below.  Discussions

on a number of our other views, such as sanctity of life, gambling, abortion and homosexuality can be

found at: